Strategic Plan

The commission develops five year strategic plans to serve as a guide for our work.  The plans draw on input we receive from our local leaders survey, required by our enabling legislation and conducted every years, as well as our dialogue with the region’s five Councils of Governments.

2024 White Paper to the Governor and Legislature

2023 Local Leaders Survey Results

The commission adopted a FINAL 2020-2024 STRATEGIC PLAN on October 21, 2019, based on our 2018 Local Leaders Survey Results, 2019 White Paper to the Governor and Legislature, consultation with our Councils of Governments, our 2019 Tug Hill Resident and Landowner Survey, and internal board and staff dialogue.

Our former strategic plan covers the period of 2015-2019 . It was based on our 2013 Local Leaders Survey and 2014 White Paper to the Governor and Legislature.

The commission also contracted with the Center for Community Studies at Jefferson Community College in 2009, to conduct the first Tug Hill Resident and Landowner Survey.

2013 Local Leaders Survey Results

2008 Local Leaders Survey Results