Mission, Vision, Operating Philosophy

Mission Statement

The purpose of the commission is to enable local governments, private organizations, and individuals to shape the future of the Tug Hill region, and to demonstrate and communicate ways that this can be done by other rural areas.  Commission programs are geared toward the conservation and productive use of the natural resources of the region, strengthening the long-term economy, employment, cultural and social resources, and the general well-being of the rural communities.

 Vision Statement

The Tug Hill Commission works toward a region where communities work together effectively and with a shared clear idea of the kind of natural environment and economy they want into the future.  This joint local action is the most enduring and cost-effective method of retaining the rural and remote character of this land, and of retaining the independent way of life of its people and their economy.

Operating Philosophy

The Tug Hill Commission:

  • operates based on the assumption that local people with good information can make the best decisions about the future of their communities;
  • encourages communities to think regionally and even globally, and to think in terms of the future, short and long term, in their local decision making;
  • does not have a plan for the region – helps communities create and act on their plans for the future;
  • does not have or seek regulatory or coercive powers;
  • does not interfere in local matters; it responds to local requests;
  • encourages innovative approaches, taking some risks when communities are comfortable with this, and sharing its experiences with other areas, especially in rural New York;
  • assists Tug Hill communities, and adjacent communities as necessary, and organizations in project development by connecting them with needed resources, in a way that builds local capacity.