Traffic Safety Coordinator

The Tug Hill Commission Traffic Safety Coordinator (TSC) is a grant-funded position through the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC).  The TSC serves communities within Jefferson, Lewis, Oneida, and Oswego Counties.  The job duties and responsibilities of this position include:

  • Community outreach education provides information on traffic safety utilizing statistics compiled from crash data focused on younger drivers; provide information on pedestrian/bicycle safety focused on awareness, rules, visibility and proper equipment; provides general information on overall road safety measures.
  • Liaison between the NYSDOT, highway departments, and DPWs: provide recommendations based on traffic analysis and crash data on the implementation of additional signage or safety measures.  Identify potential traffic safety corridors based on crash data.  Assist with complete streets programs by providing recommendations to increase pedestrian/bicycle safety in areas involving street renovations, new project developments, changes to existing speed limits, and new road developments.
  • Liaison between local law enforcement agencies and the NYS Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee: the TSC will conduct meetings with local law enforcement agencies (as needed) to address any issues, concerns, or additional assistance needed.  This position will coordinate efforts (upon request) with the GTSC to provide additional resources, data analysis, and training programs to assist in traffic enforcement.
  • Conduct digital and physical data analysis on roadways: The TSC will utilize the crash data dashboard to collect data and identify high-crash areas; conduct a physical count of roadways/intersections of concern (utilizing MetroCount Traffic Counter); work with local law enforcement agencies to collect data on incidents involving snowmobiles, ATVs, side-by-sides, Amish buggies, etc.; provide data to necessary organizations and provide recommendations to increase safety and improve traffic flow.
  • Grant opportunities and grant write-ups: provide grant opportunities to local law enforcement agencies and local government officials which may assist with increasing law enforcement efficiency, obtaining new equipment for data collection, improving the quality of streets/roadways, and programs that work with pedestrian/bicycle and traffic safety.  The TSC will assist communities with submitting grants, upon request, and utilizing collected data to support the grant.  This position will work with the county traffic safety boards to receive approval/disapproval before the grant is submitted.
  • The TSC will attend meetings held by the county traffic safety boards to discuss traffic safety concerns and recommendations to improve traffic safety (community outreach education program, changes in traffic laws/regulations).
  • This position will assist the local communities with improving safety during local community events by coordinating with local law enforcement agencies, DPW, or highway superintendents to identify concerns and facilitate resources to improve traffic/pedestrian safety during events.

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