Nine commission staff work out of the central office in Watertown. Four full-time circuit riders and five contract circuit riders work out of their homes throughout the region, under the direction of local councils of governments.


Watertown Staff

Katie Malinowski – Executive Director

Christopher Barboza – Planner

Gwen Decker – Secretary

Jennifer Harvill – Community and Regional Projects Director

Matt Johnson – Planning Director

Jillian Lee – Projects Specialist

Taylor McKinney – Project Specialist

Felicia Passino – Administrative Aide

Matthew Smith – Planner

Gabriel Yerdon – Project Specialist

Circuit Riders

Paul Baxter – Circuit Rider, North Shore Council of Governments (NorCOG) and Salmon River Council of Governments (SRCG)

Mickey Dietrich – Circuit Rider, River Area Council of Governments (RACOG)

John Healt – Circuit Rider, Northern Oneida County Council of Governments (NOCCOG)

Angie Kimball – Circuit Rider, Cooperative Tug Hill Council (CTHC)