WPBSTV Tug Hill Videos

Tug Hill is known for its abundance of natural resources: sparkling lakes, streams, and ponds, ample forests, fields for farming, a variety of wildlife and wild game, plentiful sunny days and wind for renewable energy sources, a jaw-dropping amount of snowfall, and more. It’s these natural resources that make the area not only a favorite place to live or visit, but a four-season economic powerhouse. Fall through summer, the Tug Hill never rests, with activities, adventures, and opportunities all year-round.

The documentary also explores the economic impact of Tug Hill – from agriculture and tourism, to renewable energy and more – and uncovers what Tug Hill is all about: the beauty and exquisiteness of nature… the opportunity to experience the land first-hand… the natural resources that provide economic and recreational benefits… cultural heritage and historic sites – and just plain fun.

“As we filmed many of the features and recreational opportunities on Tug Hill, we truly gained an appreciation for what really is an underrated gem in New York,” said Tracy DuFlo, Director of Production and Executive Producer. “The waterways, waterfalls, local parks, and state forests, of which there are many, really do provide a perfect backdrop for a relaxing or adventurous day.”

PARK IT! TUG HILL is sponsored in part by The Tug Hill Commission and Brookfield Renewable Energy, with closed captioning provided by the Pratt Northam Foundation.