Technical assistance requests relating to roads are regularly received by Tug Hill Commission circuit riders and staff.  All towns and villages manage streets and highways, and for many municipalities the highway budget is the largest annual expense.

Below is the final language that adds Section 205-c to Highway Law, allowing the Town of Lorraine to designate low volume and minimum maintenance roads for a period of eight years. While this only gives Lorraine explicit state authority to so designate, it also gives additional weight to the ability of other towns in NYS to so designate using their home rule authority.

Minimum Maintenance Roads S06249 A06412 with chapter amendment

Governor’s Approval Memo #40 – 2023

The commission has developed a one-page guide for towns with detailed information about steps that they can take to document and manage their road system. The guide will be updated as more resources are uploaded to the commission website.

Click on the links below for more information and examples on specific road topics.

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Traffic Safety Coordinator


Links to road related issue and technical papers available from the commission are provided below.