FOIL Requests

FOIL (Freedom of Information Law) requests can be made by contacting

Felicia Passino, NYS Tug Hill Commission, Dulles State Office Building, 317 Washington St., 6th Floor, Watertown, NY 13601
(315)785-2380 | [email protected] |

Records can be requested by phone or e-mail.

NYS Committee on Open Government

Pursuant to New York Public Officers Law § 87(3) (c), THC is required to maintain a reasonably detailed current list by subject matter of all records in its possession. This list must be posted on THC website.

THC has the following records in its possession (last updated May 1, 2014):

Administrative Files
Organization Files
Contracts, Service Legal Agreements (SLAs) and Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs) Files
Subject Files
Commission Meeting Subject and Correspondence
GIS Records
Finance Report
Policies and Policy Files
Projects Files
Town and Village Files