Sandy Creeks EBM Initative

Stakeholder Presentation from September 24, 2008 (pdf)
Summer 2008 Newsletter (pdf)
Spring 2007 Newsletter (pdf)
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EBM Cover Draft (pdf)
EBM Strategy Final (pdf)
Sandy Creek Baseline Report (pdf)

Ecosystem-based Management (EBM) is an approach to managing human activities that consider the entire ecosystem, including humans. It is a way in which we look at how we can keep the economy of our watersheds healthy and resilient by ensuring that the natural resources (scenic views, agricultural lands, forests, lakes, rivers, etc.) we depend on for our livelihoods can continue to provide for future use.The EBM initiative in NYS was adopted by legislation. In August of 2006, the New York Ocean and Great Lakes Ecosystem Conservation Act (Act) was signed into law. The intent of the Act, which authorized the EBM approach, is to look at ecosystems or watersheds, not just in terms of their natural resources, but also for their importance to the community in social and economic terms.The Sandy Creeks Watershed was chosen as one of two areas in the State to show how EBM could work locally.