Black River Trail Scenic Byway


The draft report below has been reviewed by the Adirondack North Country Association and will be forwarded to the NYS Scenic Byway Advisory Board for their review and approval. The Maple Traditions Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan is a component of the Black River Trail Scenic Byway Management Plan (See report Introduction and Overview).

MergedDocument (PDF file) – Please note *This document is 5.5 MB so if you can’t open a file that large it’s broke down in smaller documents below.

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Pages 1-28
Map, page 29
Resource Inventory, pages 30 – 37
Special Tourism Sites Attractions, pages 38 – 41
Special Tourism Sites, Attractions, & Services Typology, pages 42 – 44
Pages 45 – 110
Implementation Matrix, pages 111 – 133
Related Programs, Projects, Plans, Studies & Reports, pages 134 – 141

For more information on Scenic Byway programs in NYS, go to the websites of
Adirondack North Country Association (ANCA) or NYS Department of Transportation