Black River Navigation Study

The Black River Navigation Study examines navigation hazards and impediments in the 40-mile flatwater segment of the Black River from Lyons Falls to Carthage. The report provides alternative remedial measures (low cost, medium cost, high cost) for each of the identified impediments.

The study was conducted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers through its Planning Assistance to States program at the request of the River Area Council of Governments (provide link). Hazards were identified through input from a local officials and river enthusiasts, who also made up the project steering committee. Cash match to the project was provided by a grant through Senator James Wright.

The navigation map below is also incorporated within the report, but is provided separately for the convenience of anyone interested.

BRNavigationStudyFinalReport, October 2006

BRNavigationHazardsSmallMap (Small version)

BRNavigationHazards (Large map)