ARPA Resources

To help answer community questions about the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the commission has compiled a list of resources and will add more as they become available. This page was last updated on February 22, 2023.

Updated Project and Expenditure Report User Guide (January 2023).

Introduction to the reporting system webinar (March 10, 2022):

Treasury book that goes with the webinar: NEU-Non-UGLG-Agreements-and-Supporting-Documents

The webinar walks through how to set up an account with the Treasury, how to assign other people to have access to the account for reporting purposes and how to file the first set of documents that can be filed now. Two of these forms, the copy of the signed award terms and conditions agreement and the assurances of compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act, were already sent to NYS several months ago. These need to be uploaded and send a copy to Treasury as well. Still trying to determine what the the third form, “actual budget documents validating the top-line budget total”, is.

Project and Expenditures report (due 4/30/22) webinar (January 14, 2022):

Treasury companion booklet that goes with the webinar: Project-and-Expenditure-Report-User-Guide.

The webinar walks step by step through each section of the report. It seems the easiest way to spend the money is going to be through the Lost Revenue category, will cut out having to do certain sections of the report, There is an attached companion booklet from Treasury titled “Project and Expenditure Report User Guide”, which should help add some detail that the  webinar might have missed.

Final Rule effective April 1, 2022.

Overview of Final Rule.

Compliance and Reporting Requirements from US Treasury.

Procurement Guide for ARPA Funds by Association of Towns (October 2021)

The American Rescue Plan Act: A Town Official’s Guide to the Coronavirus State and Local Fiscal Recovery Funds with Questions Answered Last Updated (9/14/21), by Association of Towns

NY Conference of Mayor’s ARPA Resources Landing Page (last updated February 2022)

Office of the State Comptroller ARPA Memo October 2021

MRB Group Webinar for Genesee/Finger Lakes Planning Council August 18, 2021

NYCOM Webinar Powerpoint: “ARPA Funding: Overview of Eligible Uses and Other Requirements”

Association of Towns July 1, 2021 Update

6.24.21 Association of Towns ARPA Updates Presentation

Legislation at Lunch ARPA Updates May 21, 2021