Local Government Conference Presentations Available

For those that could not attend the Local Government Conference or who couldn’t make it to all the sessions they were interested in, as many presentations as possible are linked below.

1A: Negotiating Fire Dept Contracts In A Tough Economy

1B. Interaction of Town & Village Boards with Justice Courts

1C. Record Keeping Tips

1D. Dealing with Difficult Players

1G. The Property Tax Freeze and What it Means to Your Community

2A. A How to Guide to Shared Services

2C. Open Government

2D. Public Meetings and Hearings-DOS

2E. Roads By Use

2F. Minutes

2G. Importance Of A Community Tree Program

3A. Developing an Effective Fund Balance Policy

3C. Regulating small scale and large scale solar energy


3F. Ethics

4A. Red Flags for Fraud

4C. Enforcement Of Zoning And Other Local Laws

4G. Improving Broadband

4G. NY Broadband Office

The registration brochure is also available for download here!

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